Registration for the Memphis Debate Summit is now open

Our summer camp, the Memphis Debate Summit, will be hosted at a centrally located Shelby County School on Monday, June 22 through Friday June 26.  The location will be announced soon.

Daily drop-off for students begins at 8:00 AM and instruction is from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

The Memphis Debate Summit will culminate on Friday, June 26 with a demonstration debate on school violence, its impact on education and students, and how our community can work together to reduce violence.

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Dinner for Debate Starts Today at Le’ Chiq Catering and Dining at 5788 Stage Road

Are you hungry for Debate? Join us at Le’ Chiq!

Now Accepting Monthly Donations!

Our program depends on the generosity of the community in which we serve.  To make giving easier, our program now offers you the ability to make small monthly donations to our program via your credit card automatically.  Use the drop down menu below to select your level of giving then click on the “Subscribe” button.  It is easy and simple.  Thank you for your generous support.

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New Study Shows Urban Debate Keeps At-Risk Youth in School

A new study by Susannah Anderson and Briana Mezuk shows that among adolescents who are the most at risk of not graduating high school, participation in debate leads to significantly higher graduation rates and better grades and ACT scores.

Anderson and Mezuk compared academic results for debaters against those of non-debating students, based on risk indicators that measured poverty (free lunch status, neighborhood poverty) and learning challenges (special education status, low 8th grade standardized test scores).

Overall, debaters were three times more likely to graduate than non-debaters. The most dramatic difference was seen among the highest risk students, with 72% of debaters graduating compared with 43% of students who did not debate.

The study also measured the impact of intensity of participation (number of rounds debated) and competitive success (ratio of wins to total rounds debated) on academic performance. Not surprisingly, both quantity and quality of participation significantly increased the likelihood of graduation and performance on the ACT.

To read the complete study CLICK HERE

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